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Looking for my dolls took first payment n I have no tracking no and it wont let me sign in. Ease help



How do I cancel an order?


Hello OutstandingMarmot, please email us a to better assist you in cancelling your order. Please include your order information when emailing. Sincerely, Eduardo The Ashton Drake Galleries Customer Service


Linda Murray "Pretty as a Princess"

Why is this doll taking until December to be shipped? If I would've known that, I would not have ordered her.

You should have mentioned that before I put my card info in to order her.

It should have been stated somewhere. I need this doll by the end of October or I need to cancel my order.


Hello SynonymousRiverDolphin181, I am sorry for the delay. Please email us at with your information to better assist you. Sincerely, Eduardo The Ashton Drake Galleries Customer Service



Your new catalog has a hussian Obama doll where is our president Trump one?


Order I placed today

I placed an order today for a little peanut baby when can I expect it here



What size of batteries does the Isabella doll take


order not received

hi this is Cindy, I have sent numerous emails and all of them keep getting returned until I found this question page so maybe this will work I ordered between monkeys he said she said and then received an email stating that they would be here on November 27, I have still not received them. And this is a Christmas gift so I am starting to freak out.

Order number 941001306497, Cindy Jackson if you can please research this and contact me by email and let me know if they are going to be here in time for Christmas if not I do not want them. I have worried to death about this


Little Livie

I'm trying to find out if Little Livie has the full legs or 3/4 And also what about the arms? Where can I see a video of her?

You should put a video of each doll under its ad because they are all so different. You would probably sell more.


Do you have the the So Truly real Peanut doll in a boy with real hair?

Can you send pictures if this doll not available in a boy with real hair. Send pics to email and you may call at 270-577-8042


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