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Got my daugter savana doll for christmas day 2018 after 2 days what a mess the hair was all matted black on the fingers of both hands lips were faded off when i called the lady was rude and had a big attutude problem the doll was £150 i just wanted a replaced but that wasnt even an option the verry rude girl said its not for children to play with but then told me they sell cloth and cribs for them well if thats not for playing with i dont no what is still awating a response to this matter and i will not stop untill eveyone knos not to buy these dolls what a rip off it should state in large DO NOT BUY FOR ANYONE WHO WANTS TO HOLD THE DOLL AND SNUGGLE THE DOLL fancy selling a doll thats cant be touched. VERRY UPSET MAM

Product or Service Mentioned: The Ashton Drake Galleries Doll.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I haven’t got my doll yet and I ordered it on November 3rd. What a rip-off. I also sent a check and they said they didn’t get it and they want me to send another one


They are are collectibles not child toys what dew you expect


The doll was made to be a collectible, when a child plays with a fine doll this is what happens


My doll is turning blue_

As well on fingers and toes.


I'm very sorry this happened. Unfortunately this is the page for U.S.

team and we are unable to access international accounts. You can contact our UK team through their customer service # 03 33 00 31532, Twitter @BradExUK , their Facebook page or e-mail:

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