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My sister bought my niece a doll for her birthday and this is what she got when you see this picture you will not believe it the doll did not look anything like the picture the most horrible experience ever she have reached out to Ashton Drake for almost a month now no one have gotten back to her she spent $170 on this doll that was totally not worth it. The only thing that my niece changed on the doll were her clothes she try to play with that ignore the flaws of the doll like the head hanging from strings but it was not satisfying her my niece waited a whole year for this doll it was for her birthday it was supposed to be a surprise something that she really wanted and this is what she got companies like this can just take your money and never respond someone needs to be held responsible for this terrible mistake

Product or Service Mentioned: The Ashton Drake Galleries So Truly Real Allana Doll.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Thank you for the bad reviews. I wish to buy a doll $199. Forget about it.


I agree with you. If I’m going to spend this much money on a doll it should last a long time.

My daughter’s grandmother bought her a doll for Christmas and days later her face, fingers & toes had black marks on them. Now her eyelashes are falling off. I really answers on what to do.

She have only had the doll for 3 months. It’s not fair at all.


I am very sorry to hear you are disappointed with your order. Please click here to send us an e-mail with your order number, client ID, or full address and we can help you return the doll for a refund. We look forward to helping you in any way we can.

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